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Call for Artists

VINYL III: Revolutions



VINYL is back with a third track and we are looking for some fresh artists and old savages to join us again this year — but, we aren't looking for that  final 12" piece yet.


Complete the form below and include 2-3 examples of your current work to be considered for participation in this years exhibition. Select artists will be extended the opportunity to participate in another potential show.

Artist recieve 100% of all sales.


April 1st: Call for artists opens start

May 31st: DEADLINE - Last day to enter information for call

FINAL NOTIFICATION - Selected artists will be contacted via email


Email questions or form information to our curator

Submission Form

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Work samples

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Album selection

This information is optinal, but if you have an idea already, please share.

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About the Exhibition


ABA is featuring original artwork created on actual 12" vinyl records. The theme of the work should focus on the musicians, songs, and/or themes related to the particular album the artist has selected. Previous years shows have been a huge success and more than half of the works sold opening night. Check out last years vinyl artworks.


We will again be releasing Spotify playlists related to the works and the artists who contribute to the show.


We are working an another small side show at a different location that select artists from the primary 12" show will be offered the opportunity to repeat the rules of the main show — but have to use a smaller 45 record instead. More details to come.


If you are selected to participate, artwork will need to be shipped/hand delivered to the gallery. Selected artists will receive a detailed guidelines PDF, along with further information about the show and other details.

- Work must be received by the delivery cut-off date (see Important Dates below)

- Work must be for sale

- Work must be on a 12" vinyl record

- 1 vinyl record per artist, unless approved by the curator (i.e. double LP)

- Artists must adhere to the content zone rules contained in the guidelines PDF you will receive if accepted. This zone refers to the original center label of the album.


- The original center label on the album CAN NOT be altered/manipulated. Many vinyl buyers from early shows voiced how they were disappointed the original vintage labels had been painted over or defaced. Leave that portion vintage please. No exceptions.

- There is a $25 fee for the uniform frame all artists will use and a $5 fee toward online promotion — $30 total. All works will be mounted by the gallery on white matte board and put into our standard 12.5” x 12.5” black aluminum frame with glass. This allows us to uniformly hang the show on our main gallery wall and maintain a clean modern aesthetic.


April 1st - May 31st: Call for artists window

Now - May 31st: Notification to selected artists

Now - May 31st: Guidelines PDF sent to participating artists

May 31st: DEADLINE - $30 fee for framing & media due to curator

May 31st: DEADLINE - Album information due to curator

June 5th: Final day to deliver artwork

June 13th - July 16th: Exhibition run

June 18th — 6pm - 10pm: Opening Reception

July 16th — Closing day

July 17th — Artwork available for pick-up

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