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Calls for Submissions

To/From III: Wet Kisses



If there’s someone you have a crush on, you can anonymously send them a message to let them know that someone thinks they’re special. Our third anonymous conceptual exhibition — could there be a message for you?

Arches Brewing Art invites you to share something special with this project — To/From II: Wet Kisses. The best messages to flatter your secret crush require something thoughtful, honest and unique. The key is to keep it simple and genuine. We'll host messages on our website and post some of the best ones to our Instagram account and display many starting February.

Check out our first To/From exhibition from 2021 to see what other wrote — Check it out


This project is open to anyone. Works selected for display at the gallery will be done via juried selection. We are not capturing any personal information, such as email or phone number — so your submission will remain completely anonymous (unless you do otherwise).



Your message has a 200 character limit, so stick to a brief written expression of how you feel because 200 characters goes fast. Be tasteful, graphic content won't be considered for gallery use.


Are you afraid to put actual names in the TO / FROM fields? You don't have to. Consider just using first names, initials, nicknames, or coded language. Everyone loves a mystery.

Participants grant permission to Arches Brewing to reproduce accepted messages for promotional uses in printed and electronic forms.


NOW - February 7th, 2022: Online submission window

February 14 - March 12, 2022: Show on display & online content

February 19, 2022: Opening reception


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