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Calls for Submissions

Something Haunting is Brewing III: Horror Poster Show


We are excited for our third annual halloween art show. This year we are doing something a little different. Due to the difficulty in pulling together are large group show right now, we are doing a small show with a select group. We are pulling together 12 artists to create movie posters based on their favorite horror themed films. A small limited edition run of signed and numbered posters will be available opening nite. In order to avoid surplus prints of the works, we will also have an online print-on-demand option for buyers to immediately purchase prints via their phone and have the art directly shipped to their homes.



The halloween season at Arches Brewing will be October 17th - November 8th. This years show will happen in conjunction with our October film nights. The show will go on view in the Biergarten starting Friday, October 16th and then the horror double feature will play that evening.


Posters will be on display every weekend thru the shows run, including halloween night Saturday, October 31st where we will host our 3rd annual costume party. There is also opportunity for artists to set up a merch table each weekend too.


This show is open to artists selected by the curator.



There will be a small base fee for for limited run of signed posters for the show (details to come). Artists will make 100% of on-site sales and receive 100% sales profits for online print-on-demand sales.



Artwork must be created in an 18 x 24 inch format. Artwork should be vertical in format, no horizontal posters please. We will be adding a white border to all artwork when printed, so be sure no important information is contained in a 1/2" radius around the edge of the work. If you are going to include this border in your, work let us know ahead of time to ensure it will work when we upscale these for print.


Your must select a real film (nothing made up) and it must have 'Horror' listed as one of its genres via So the film "Home Alone (1990)" would not classify as a horror film as it is listed as 'Comedy, Family'. Where as the film "The Return of the Living Dead (1985)" is acceptable because it is listed as 'Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi'.

Artwork must be two-dimensional in nature. It can be created traditionally (paint and ink) or be done digitally. We plan to reproduce these original works in a larger limited edition format of 30 x 40 inches for the show opening. Digital artwork should be created at 600dpi or 1200dpi so the works will not pixelate when enlarged. Original pieces of artwork should be photographed or scanned at a high resolution for the same needs. Please contact me immediately if you have questions before you begin. I am looking for a service to capture high resolution photos of original artworks for artists that do not have the means to do so.

We are working out the pricing to consumer for the limited edition prints and the print-on-demand pieces. Prints will be priced with the intent to sell. We will review price recommendations with artists once we firm up some details with print vendors. Artists will receive 100% of sales — minus the small fee for the large format print run (details to come). An online payment format must be provided by the artist — such as Venmo or PayPal for on site sales.


Online sales will be handled via the print vendor ( and the curator will ensure proper records of sales transactions are kept and artists receive payment for those pieces sold online. At this time we only plan to utilize the print-on-demand solution through the shows run dates, but we may keep the items available online longer if sales are consistently good.


Artists who created original physical artwork can sell those works for whatever price they feel is proper. We do not plan to have those original works on display for the exhibition at this time.

Artists grant permission to Arches Brewing to reproduce accepted artwork for promotional uses in both printed and electronic forms.


Artists participating will be responsible for the delivery of physical work in person to Arches Brewing or digital delivery no later than October 10th, 2020 at 9PM. Further instructions will be shared after artwork or files have been received.



October 10th, 2020: Deadline for artwork delivery at 9PM

October 16, 2020 (1PM – 11PM): Exhibition opening outdoor viewing & Film Nite

October 24, 2020 (1PM – 11PM): Exhibition outdoor viewing & Film Nite

October 31, 2020 (1PM – 11PM): Exhibition outdoor viewing & Costume Party

November 7, 2020 (1PM – 7PM): Exhibition outdoor viewing

November 9 - 15, 2020, 1PM – 7PM: Pick up of unsold prints / artwork



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