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February 14th - March 12th, 2022

If there's someone you have a crush on, you can anonymously send them a message to let them know that someone thinks they're special.

This is our second anonymous conceptual exhibition. 2022 messages came from online and paper dropbox submission. We have no idea who sent these messages, which keeps the show intriguing. 

Could there be a message from a secret someone for you? You'll have to find out for yourself.

The Work

Out on the Streets

We're putting these anonymous messages out into the wild February 14th - February 28th. Maybe you'll see one in your part of town.


2022 Submissions

Here are the messages we collected from you, the anonymous public.

TO: Eliza

FROM: Patrick

I love you!

TO: Evo

FROM: Sterling

Suck me up?

TO: Stephanie

FROM: Anonymous

If you asked me
how many times you
have crossed my mind,
I would say once,
because you never really left.



I like smiling at you.
I like sharing with you.
I like loving you.

TO: Lefty

FROM: Salty


TO: Number Eight - Ch. 1

FROM: Many Hearts

A message is sent
The timer starts counting down
You text me back—yes

TO: Jen from Parlor Club

FROM: Bono

You said I had a nice outfit and
it made my year. Date me plz.

TO: Number Eight - Ch. 3

FROM: Many Hearts

It’s our first time fucking
It can’t get too serious
Sixteen hours—still fucking

TO: Lady with the gold tooth

FROM: Your barkeep

The twinkle in your eye
rhymed with the light
shining on your gold front
was that smile for me?
I’d love to return the favor.

TO: You


Love is you and me
on white sheets,
bodies inverted,
souls touching.

TO: Tomas

FROM: Madelyn

I love you baby happy
Valentine’s Day!

TO: Mike Barman


Mike Barman is the hottest!

TO: you

FROM: me

Life is too short to spend
wondering what happened…
just like the fear and resent
that finds refuge within your heart,
it holds no value.

TO: An Interlude

FROM: A Stranger

I’m sorry we passed
through the night.
I learned something about myself
and grew from the experience.
My worst fear is that
I left you the check.
Worse yet, I don’t regret it.
But I still do penance

TO: Lindsay Machado

FROM: Ray + Bailey

We love and miss
the shit out of you!!
Come visit. xoxo

TO: Delilah + Pepperkins

FROM: Your Cat Dad

I’m so glad you came into my life.
I know you moved in quickly,
but I enjoy your company so much.
It would be great if you didn’t
throw up in my bed again though.

TO: Reggie

FROM: Your father

I sure wish you’d scoop your poop cuz it ain’t gonna scoop itself.

TO: All of you


Valentine’s Day... the perfect time
to reflect on all my horrible
dating choices since the
last Valentine’s Day.

TO: Lil

FROM: Chas

I always thought I was
the unluckiest person
in the world until I met you.

TO: Whom it may concern

FROM: You know who

We made love in the
larger bathroom at Arches.
It was magical.
I love you.

TO: Greg


I’ve dreamed of
dem strong hands.

TO: Connor

FROM: Your Peach

If you find this,
I’ll buy you a coffee.
Good luck!

TO: You


You’re Stupid

TO: Number Eight - Ch. 4

FROM: Many Hearts

We speak and listen
It can’t become serious

TO: Jordan

FROM: Alyssa

Hi, I’m with my famers
afterwork right now,
but I wish I was with you.
Always! I love you so much
you’re always on my mind,
I love you!

TO: Number Eight - Ch. 6

FROM: Many Hearts

A timer goes off
The misalignments appear
The light turns yellow

TO: 77 C10

FROM: Disillusioned

I came along for the ride
but your engine stalled…
You were just the
shiny showroom model,
lacking the guts
to go the distance.
I’m still trying to make the trip.

TO: Pike

FROM: Chanel

Dearest bun-bun,
in a time when I thought
it was impossible to
meet in real life,
you found me on McLendon.
I love you always!!

TO: Bitzy

FROM: Drako

With you at my side,
I can conquer the whole world.
Happy Valentines Day!

TO: Catharine

FROM: Faith

Experience is more relevant
than the pain you went through.
God is so good. We love you.

TO: Musk

FROM: Tess

You can strap me onto your
rocket any time you want.
Let’s get out of this world together.

TO: Melinda

FROM: Josh

I don’t need a hallmark day
to celebrate you in my life.
But since today
the world is celebrating,
happy valentines day.

TO: Number Eight - Ch. 2

FROM: Many Hearts

We have two good dates
I tell myself I’ve blown it
Kiss on a sidewalk

TO: Wendi

FROM: Anonymous

I love your
positive energy + red hair.

TO: Will Ferrell

FROM: “Cute” coworker

I always thought you had
a cool name but you are
so much cooler than that.
With love the “cute coworker.

TO: You


Don’t think of me and if you do,
think of me. Know I am, was,
and will be better than you.

TO: Kirby

FROM: Jess

I miss you friend.
Better than you deserve,
because you deserve the world.

TO: Number Eight - Ch. 5

FROM: Many Hearts

Mewling in a bush
It’s a miner’s canary
Now I fall in love

TO: Number Eight - Ch. 8

FROM: Many Hearts

The bar brings a drink
Somewhere a timer goes off
The drink is untouched

TO: Number Eight - Ch. 7

FROM: Many Hearts

Peace in the mountains
A nirvana found and lost
The moment is past

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